Eason Enterprises provides quality rebuild and coating services for chiller water boxes, division plates, tube sheets and tube ends to prevent excessive and continual deterioration of all wet surfaces.




  Eason Enterprises will remove the corrosion in your chiller and keep the work area clean with our specialized dry media blasting and air filtration system. Our experienced technicians will build site-specific containment to confine blast media, while dust is removed from the area with an 800 cfm dust control system. Specialized blast media will be used to return the chiller parts to white metal while creating a profile to which the protective coating can adhere. Full site cleanup will be performed at the completion of the blast job.




  Corrosion on the tube sheets, water boxes, tube ends and division plates reduce the efficiency of your chiller and causes premature failure. Eason Enterprises will remove the corrosion from these parts and repair the erosion with specialized industry-standard epoxy metals. Following the repair, all wet surfaces will receive two coats of industrial ceramic-based epoxy, thus extending the service life of your chiller.


corrosion repair t ube repair
Corrosion Repair Tube Sheet Repair


   Eason Enterprises has proudly served the great state of Oklahoma since 1982.