Corroded tower rebuilding


   Eason Enterprises can rebuild your corroded cooling tower for a fraction of the cost of installing a new one. Our tower technicians can fabricate, replace or refurbish corroded components within your tower and apply a ceramic-based protective coating to seal the seams and prevent further corrosion.




   Let us remove your inefficient, scale-encrusted media and replace it with new, high-efficiency fill media while minimizing downtime.

Bad Fill Media New Fill
Bad Fill Media New Fill Media




   Eason Enterprises' specialized 40,000 psi hydro-blaster will remove scale, mineral deposits and rust from the surface of your cooling tower while drastically reducing downtime and labor costs. The ultra-high pressure blaster prepares the surface of the cooling tower for repair and coating within hours, not weeks.


   Once the surface is prepared and trouble spots are repaired, our tower technicians will apply protective industrial epoxies to extend the service life of your cooling tower.


Water Blaster

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