Paint Booth Construction, Service & Repair


Custom Paint Booth Design & Construction


Eason Enterprises will design and build a paint booth to meet your exact needs and facilities. The project will include all necessary walls, doors, curtains, duct-work, vents, fans, compressors, sprayers, heaters, and other equipment according to the needs you specify.

We will assemble and setup all your new paintbooth equipment, install the AMU heater unit, mount all switches, connect all sprayers, and/ or move existing equipment into the new booth as you wish. Any old booth materials will be hauled away or cleaned and stored as you direct.

Your new booth will meet all current EPA, State and Local government codes. We ensure that work is done by the highest standards of good, safe workmanship practices.


Optional Moving or Relocation of Paint Booths


As companies grow and the market service area changes, sometimes paint booths need to be moved. This process requires careful disassembly, transportation, reassembly and testing at the new location. We can handle all these complex tasks for you safely and on time.


Removal of Old, Outdated or No Longer Used Paint Booths


Eason Enterprises is the expert you need to tear down, haul away and properly dispose of old, worn out and no-longer used paint booths. If you have a paint booth sitting in your facility that is taking up valuable space, call Eason! We’ll take care of that problem for you right away and let you use the space again.


Paint Booth Maintenance & Cleaning Services


Once your paint booth is up and working, it will need expert maintenance to ensure that your major investment in equipment is protected. Eason can setup a regular maintenance program for you that will keep your entire paint booth system up and working, as well as minimizing possible safety hazards due to paint buildups on walls, equipment, flooring, ductwork, fans and other surfaces.


Call us at 405-677-6431 or Email Us about setting you up on a regular paint booth maintenance schedule and enjoy the peace of mind from knowing your equipment is protected by Eason.


Replacement Parts or Modifications


Eason can replace worn doors, walls, vents or other paint booth parts as needed. We can also modify existing booths to include newer equipment or improved options.


Paint Booth Modifications Include:


New paint booth
New Paint Booth constructed by us